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We inspect, scan and pack every piece within our facility to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase. We guarantee the product to be genuine (not reboxed or relabeled), currently cataloged (not obsolete or discontinued), and in good, clean, salable condition. You have 30 days to inspect and count the inventory to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1973

James C. Van Slyke had been involved in all phases of the automotive aftermarket since 1936 and realized there was a need in the automotive parts aftermarket to handle stocklifts, change overs, buy backs and overstock inventories in a more organized way. In 1973 James Van Slyke founded CAM International to reduce the costs and disruption caused by stock lifts and changeovers . While providing accountability control, and equitable recovery for the manufacturers, CAM International also enables warehouse distributors and jobbers to be more profitable and competitive.


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We have 1000’s of complete inventories of all sizes in 100’s of brands and product categories. Our inventory changes daily, but here are a few of the inventories that are currently available. Contact us for information about more inventories we have in the brands your stock.

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How can we save you money, increase your profits, and expand your coverage so you can be more competitive? How can we turn your unwanted inventory into CASH? How can we help manufacturers to increase market share and minimize the displacement expense, while maximizing the return on stock lifts of competitive inventory?

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